What is the LNP

I sit on the board for Wednesfield and Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership – of just LNP a council funded organisation who’s aim is to “improve the lives of local people by involving them in decisions about how services are delivered locally.


It brings together local people (both individuals and those representing community and voluntary groups), businesses, service providers and elected ward Councillors to work in partnership to make lasting improvements to the neighbourhood.” We meet regularly throughout the year to look at the LNP priorities that are set at the beginning of each year. Our priorities this year are;

  • Employment and skills – Holding a cross sector event to bring employers and prospective employees together to look at where jobs are available, and what skills gap there is locally.
  • Derelict land – identifying areas of land locally that could be reintroduced into the communities
  • Summer / Christmas Fayre – looking at ways to sustain these events
  • Wednesfield Village and canal accessibly, linking up the canal to the other areas of the village
  • Communication – telling more people about and hence getting them involved with the LNP.

Community Art

We met this week to look at progress on the above priorities and also to discuss the public art project that there is funding for near Bentley Bridge retail park – we  are putting together a working group (which I am part of) to help consult with the wider area to try and make this a community art piece.
If we work to the current time scale it should be in place and be unveiled at our Summer Fayre 2013.
I’m really enthused about this project as we’ll be working closely with Sophie from Bilston Craft Gallery who has worked on other public art projects locally including the pretty impressive pieces that have been installed and the newly opened Bert Williams Leisure Centre

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