Lots of things happening in the Wednesfield Community!

I knew I was setting myself up for failure starting a new blog – we’ve done so much I’ve not posted here because I’m so busy “doing” to be writing about it…..Anyway, what have we done in the last few weeks? Well there was the Wednesfield North and South PACT meetings, there was a Community First Panel Meeting, a Jubilee meeting and the previously mentioned LNP meeting.

We live tweeted from both the PACT meetings, progressed nicely with our Community First Panel, voted in our final member and put out a call for bids. We’ve also decided on a time line of tasks up until our next meeting to help market the funding loacally. ACT are progressing nicely with our Jubilee plans and we’ve had hundreds on entries to the community art competition from the local primary schools – now we’ve just got to judge them. Thankfully we have an experienced art teacher on the panel who will be able to help us see not only the content but which piece will best transpose onto the large canvas that suits our purpose, The “short list” is about 50 long so this may take some time.

I’ve delivered  training in a Nunnery ( which was actually a work thing but it was a nunnery so had to be worth a mention) and we’re about to set a date to hold neighbourhood Social Media Surgery because so many of the TRA’s and community centres have asked James and I for help locally that we thought this would be the best way to deliver it and also a date to support the other local Community First Panels with their websites which we’ve agreed to do as part of our LNP work.

Except for scanning in some of the Art Competition entries for the ACT facebook page I’m taking a break for the Easter weekend, unless something big happens and we need to respond I’m not even going to post the Wv11 facebook page – I have the bank holidays off work and everyone deserves a break sometimes!


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