Having my cake and eating it

Two years ago after a bizarre conversation about Berlin, Michael Jackson and restaurant menus with a complete stranger over the phone  I ended up giving computer tuition to a couple I’d never met before, Jill and Loz, from the estate neighbouring where I live.

I taught them the basics of their laptop, helped then get online, taught then how to use email and how to Skype their family overseas. They are a lovely couple, if not a little over exuberant, she’s a banking administrator and he’s a retired Police Defective. Despite the very bizarre way that we were put in touch we have stayed friendly and James and I have given then technical support a couple of times more, helping them set up a printer and getting their laptop fixed when it was broken etc. etc.

Yesterday we received a phone call from Jill enquiring when I’d be around as she needed “a word” with me yet assuring me it wasn’t computer related this time, my interest more than piqued as we seldom hear from them unless they need technical support or it’s Christmas, we arranged for them to call over today and bless their hearts they came with this…..


A lovely sponge cake to congratulate me on passing my driving test the other week.

They had it made by their neighbours 16 year old daughter who makes and decorates them in her spare time around her school classes. Jill said;

“We’re doing everything we can to support her do we thought we’d get you a cake made up too”

I thought it was a lovely thoughtful gesture both for myself and for their neighbour.

Who said community spirit is dead?


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