Admin Roles for Facebook Pages

Last year we went to New Zealand for 3 weeks – at the time no one on the WV11 facebook page notced we were gone, we scheduled a few updates and left it to look after itself.

That was before the riots, before we had over 3000 people on our page and before the interaction “really” started.

Since August last year we have had a couple of incidents happen locally where we have had to (for want of a better word) “micro manage” our facebook page – helping the community, during the riots last year we spent a lot of time passing on information and quelling fears generated by misinformation and rumour. In October there was the house fire where we put our community to good use helping out a family in need, and then in January there was the car crash where we spent time protecting the family of a lad who sadly lost his life – deleting posts on the page naming the victim within minutes of the accident happening – A decision we took because if a member of my family died in such a tragic way the last place I would want to find out about it would be Facebook no matter how well meaning the sentiment.

Since then we’ve wondered what would happen if we were to go away for any amount of time again – in fact someone once commented on our page that we could never go on holiday as “what would we do without you?”  We started thinking about adding more admins to the page, but if we gave someone else admin access they would have access to EVERYTHING including the ability to delete James and I as admins from the page and after working so hard to create the community who could we share the access with who we trusted enough not to do something silly?

Now we don’t have to worry!

Facebook have now enabled tiered access to admins of your pages – this means before we go away again we can arrange for someone to become a “content creator” or “moderator” without compromising James and my roles as “managers”.

This different levels of access are outlined in the table below;

Manager Content Creator Moderator Advertiser Insights Analyst
Manage Admin Roles
Edit the Page and Add Apps
Create Posts as the Page
Respond to and Delete Comments
Send Messages as the Page
Create Ads
View Insights

This is great for us as our community have begun to expect a certain “level of service off us” and we can hand others the keys without compromising ourselves but I can see this being really useful for big companies who need to employ social media managers but have a turn around of staff – they can give access to multiple people at different levels according to their needs making managing their brand easier.

Now we just have to find someone interested enough to play with us and the WV11 community on Facebook

You can read more about Facebook admin roles here


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