Make Shift: Changing Wolverhampton with an idea

Make:Shift is an event taking place on the 21st & 22nd September in Wolverhampton.  The premise of the event is to connect people in the community to make things happen for the better in Wolverhampton looking at using what we already have, that could be people, or assets or skills etc. There will be speakers and workshops with people doing good stuff but before then they are calling for ideas – What would you like to see happen in Wolverhampton.

I’ve submitted 2 ideas. They are:

Community Adoption

A lot of schools already run fundraising events for big charities, but what would happen if turned that energy into action locally.

If each high school in Wolverhampton adopted for just one year at a time a community need – it could be a building like a community centre or library, A play space or a person who needs help, anything taht was in the comunity the school served. The fundraising that takes place in school could be channelled towards the project and students could take part in volunteering activities around it – or arrange their own awareness raising assemblies.


A community centre that needs a new roof and redecorating. The money the school raised could go towards the roof and the students could spend some time painting.

A young person that needs a new wheelchair, The money the school raised goes towards the chair and the students speand some time with a organisation or charity that supports people with simialr medical needs

Gap Fillers

This is an idea I picked up from New Zealand in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake but I think it can be easily used in Wolverhampton.

After the quake in NZ a lot of buildings had to be pulled down and a project sprung up to fill the gaps left behind, Unique art and community spaces.

There have been things like cycle powered cinemas, giant monopoly boards, community games, live music and book exchanges.

We could bring people and organisations into the city to look at using our empty shops in a similar way. It could be sporadic with different things and different times or my favourite a kind of festival of empty spaces with a period of time with all empty units full of unique and different interactive art projects, displays and “events”


What would you like to see happen? You can submit your ideas here


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