Gap Filler @ Make Shift

Next week is the Make:Shift event in Wolverhampton and one of the ideas I submitted has been chosen for development. Gap Fillers. The idea is to look at empty spaces in the city an how we can use them creatively. I had originally said empty shops but since then i’ve been thinking about it and this idea can be used in any empty space.

The other ideas chosen for development are: Wolvopedia by Andy Mabbet, Scribble and Scribe by Craig Alford of Wolverhampton CAB and Free Organic Gardens by Elliot Lord. Which is awesome as I already know Andy, have met with Craig in the course of my day job and have already been emailing Elliot after I contacted him through the Make:Shift website about a chapter for the Wolverhampton Community Lover Guide and I know they are all passionate people, who just want to make good things happen.

Tickets are free via eventbrite and looking at the attendee list of people already signed up it looks like it should be a brilliant couple of days.


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