Community Ambassadors

So this week I signed up to become a community ambassador. But what does that mean….

…well nothing really. Not to me anyway.

I’ve been given this title and access to a Yammer group, a collective that are talking about great things happening in the city of Wolverhampton. The intention is that each month each of the ambassadors chooses 3 of the stories to shout about in their networks. The aim is to improve the perceptions of the city by sharing good news.

That’s it.

But I do that anyway. I try and join in #WolverhamptonHour and I share stories as I find them at other times too. I post news to Facebook and Twitter,  use WV11 to promote Wednesfield and I share stories at the various community meetings I go to, And so do others in the group.

So why does it matter that we’ve joined?
I’m not sure it does matter individually not in the grand scheme of things but, I think it matters that as group were holding our hands up and saying “Woah hang on there, things ain’t all bad around here!” We’re acknowledging that together we can make a bigger noise than with our lone voices. And if by being seen to be part of a collective that thinks positively encourages and engages others to think positively too then that’s not a bad thing to be a part of.

So I’m a Community Ambassador, are you?


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