Lucid Chart

So I found a thing that does a thing.

Well actually it’s a website that allows you to create and embed flow charts, wireframes, maps etc. So I decided to have a play and I like it. I didn’t bother reading the tutorial I just dove straight in and it’s quite intuitive, if you hover over icons it previews what it does and then it’s just a case of drag and drop to add it to your chart.  Flow Chart  aficionado will probably take one look and tell me I’m doing it all wrong – but ohh look pretty shapes!

It will be even more useful when you can embed it in  I’ve tried all the tricks I know to try and make it appear but no joy, so for now I’ve published it and embedded it over on my other blog where is has no relevance whatsoever but at least I got it to work.

It has some other nice features like integration with Google apps and the ability to download your charts and images and PDFs – I’m only trialing the free package and  I haven’t really played any further than that but I can see it being useful so hence I though I would share.


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