Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery

Brandwood End Cemetery

Friends of Brandwood End Cemertary (Fbec) are a group of lovely people who have set up a charity working in Brandwood to promote the restoration, conservation and respectful enjoyment of Brandwood End Cemetery and Chapels. That includes the monuments, buildings, records, green spaces, adjacent pool and allotments and overall environment for the enjoyment of our community.

The group work closely with Birmingham City Council to look after this space and they host all kinds of events in the cemetery from Bat Walks to Litter Picks.
Fun Days and more.

All Fbec events are open to the public but if you wanted to show just a little more support you could even become a “friend” yourself for a small annual fee.

You can find out about becoming a friend and information about all upcoming events on their website

This is an example of a post to demonstrate to the people behind Branches of Brandwood – Brandwood Community Website how they can share information about other groups in their area.


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