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Inspiring People

I have it seems a million posts set as drafts waiting for me to finish and post – do feel guilty about it? Sometimes. Should I feel guilty about it? No. This is my blog and I’ll cry (or not post) if I want to. I know I still need to finish talking about the Gap Fillers project, and the community art project and our experience with the community first stuff, and the Social Media Surgeries winning a(nother) award but I this post is about none of those things. This post is un-apologetically about me .

This morning I received this tweet:

– and boy did it make me smile.

3social was an event I was invited sent (it was a work thing) to talk at about Social Media in Community – I was there to give a presentation about my experiences running WV11.co.uk and about Social Media Surgeries. This is video montage of the event that promotes the company that put in on:

It was great (long) day in Preston that bought together community groups and organisations that supported community groups across the North East of England but I remember being a little nervous – At the time I attended this event I had done only a few “public speaking” gigs and the ones I had, had always included a friendly face in the audience – someone I knew, who I could focus on and try and imagine I was talking to them rather than in front of a room full of people – this was that first time I had been off the beaten track  and I was travelling alone to an event where I knew no one and that it why this tweet was lovely – To know that despite my nerves I managed to inspire someone to get online and make things happen in their community is a very lovely thing!

12 Paul - Jonathan and Steph chat during the surgeries #3social

Paul, Jonathon and myself chatting at the 3Social Event