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Facebook – people and pages



I had a conversation recently (how many of my blog posts come from the results of a conversation?) about the different ways you can use Facebook – profiles, pages, open groups, closed groups – and how confusing it can be to the casual user.


There is a myriad of choice and not always a plain English way of describing what each of them are – or why one might me better that the other….

This is my attempt at that.


Profiles are people – end of.  Profiles make friends with other profiles. Just like real life – you make friends with people – not places, businesses or brands. Friends can interact publicly and privately, and just like in real like in real life this interaction can be initiated by either person.

Once you’ve made friends with someone, depending on your privacy settings, they will have mutual access to each others personal information, status updates and photos  – this is one of the reasons I refuse to make friends with brand or businesses who have profiles. I don’t know for sure WHO has access to it – or if i do now – who will have access to it in the future – business should have pages  – But just like all rules there is an exception, mine is my hairdresser.


Pages are set up by people – and they represent groups, businesses charities, community groups etc. They are run by people. People with profiles can “like” pages – which essentially means they are interested enough to follow the updates on you page.

Unlike making friends. This is not a mutual connection – Profiles can view a pages information, photos, status etc but pages can not view profiles. Pages updates will go into their fans news feeds. Their fans updates do not appear in a pages news feed.

Pages can add other pages to their favourites and receive updates from other pages – but again this is not a mutual connection.

Pages can receive private messages, and they can respond to private messages, but they cannot start a private conversation with anyone – contact with a page needs to be initiated by a person (profile)

When page owners post to their wall the content appears as the page in date order with the latest post at the top and this is pushed out to fans news feed.

All page owners content is given priority over all content created by fans – all posts to the page by anyone other than the admin stays on the page in a section called “Posts by others” – and is not pushed out to other fans news feeds unless the page owner share it.

I know some people get iffy about running pages with their personal account but in my honest opinion they shouldn’t, for starters there is no link to you from the page unless you choose to put it there. and secondly running a page form your personal account makes like so much easier

I manage several facebook pages from my personal profile and unless you know me, and I choose to tell you, you’ll never know which ones. Unlike groups where you always post as yourself – the default is to post as the page, so there’s little chance for mispost mishaps.


People with profiles can create and join groups – Groups can be for anything – they are a way of bringing people together with shared interests.  There are several types of groups  and I like to use  a pub analogy to try and explain them:

  • Public A public group is like a pub on a high street with it’s windows and doors wide open. Any one can wander by and hear the conversation, Anyone can enter or be invited in to join in and you can come and go as you please.
  • Closed A closed group is like standing outside a pub with locked windows and doors – you can see who’s inside but you can’t hear what they are talking about, you can’t join in and you have no idea if its the sort of place you’d want to go – you just have to knock until you are invited in and then decide….If you leave, you have to ask to be given access again.
  • Secret A secret group is like a private party in  a pub you don’t even know exists until someone invites you along.

Whenever something is added to a group it appears at the top of the group feed, if someone comments on something older this is then bumped back to the top so the order of posts is constantly changing giving prominence to the most recent thing posted or commented on. Unless something is “pinned” by an admin to stick to the top for awhile – anyone’s posts could be pinned.

Unlike pages when posting to a group – group admin post as themselves.

Posts to groups don’t automatically appear in you news feed the way you receive group notification can be set per group and deserves a blog post all of it’s own!


So that’s it, my plain English attempt at explaining the different ways to use facebook.



Hyperlocals and Facebook

At the 2013 Talk About Local Unconference this last weekend I pitched a session to start a conversation around Hyperlocal and Other Social Media. We’ve had so much interest on our facebook page I wanted to find out what other Hyperlocals were using as well. Talk About Local Sessioni Proposal Post It As it turns out (most unsurprisingly for someone with a mouth the size of mine) I did most the talking –  I was asked lots about our experience of using Facebook particularly, and so this led me to ask the question – If you were looking to start your hyperlocal site now – could you just use a facebook page?

I didn’t answer this myself at the time – but my answer is no. I still see WV11.co.uk as our site and Facebook is an extension of that, it’s our discussion forum – If Wv11 is the place I live in – Facebook is the pub I go to talk about the stuff that happens there, with the people that live there.  BUT to expand on that –  I don’t think our hyperlocal would have been as successful as it has been without Facebook and with the experience I’ve gained I definitely wouldn’t try to launch a Hyperlocal without some kind of presence there.

We use other sites too – but this is definitely our communities platform of choice.


The original plan for Wv11 wasn’t for it to be news site as all – but a community discussion board.  A forum for local people to discuss local issues online.  we then added the resource page because we though “what else would be useful” and only then did the news feed appear as a way of  adding as a bit of google juice for people to find the forum when they were looking for information on the area.

We still wanted a way of promoting the forum to local people so we played with what was then a new feature of facebook, pages. We set it up with the same name and branding as the website and invited a few local friends  to become a fans.  We posted links to news articles from the site to the page (we still do) but still tried to kick conversations off on the sites forum – that didn’t last long.

6 months after launching the site we archived the discussion board, we simply had no local interest in it – people who had never used the internet socially before didn’t want to move from a platform they were familiar with  to discussions on the forum – they don’t even use the simple comment form in WordPress – but they didn’t have to. Our fans started commenting on links we had posted to facebook and other conversations naturally started to happen there.  We continued to post longer form news articles to the site but we focused our engagement where the people already were and it’s worked well.

Tip Top Tips

4 and a bit years on we have over 5000 facebook  fans  and  I think we have learned a lot about how to make the most of our page for the community we’ve built there. These are my 3 top tips.

1.Think mobile. When we post links to stories on the main site we try and summarise that content for mobile only readers – some people still wont or cant click on on external links from the page, especially those with contracts or PAYG mobiles that include free facebook browsing but not a lot of other data.

2. Photos, photos and more photos. Anything we post with an image is guaranteed to the get more love than either text or video.  It takes the lowest amount of effort from the reader to take in the information so they engage with it, which improves your reach. You can also invite readers to tag themselves and friends in photos from events. Videos are also popular but get less views from mobile than desktop. I think this maybe down to the data usage again.

3.Timing. Facebook insights are a wonderful thing. They are broken down to such an extent that we can even know when our fans are online – We get a graph that averages hourly visitor numbers over days  – but we can also see data for each day of the week which allows us to post when potentially the most people are online to reach the widest audience. WV11.co.uk

There are plenty more I could add to this, but what I’d actually like to know is what are your top facebook tips?